Friday, June 20, 2014

Fickle Minded =p

I know that I've changed my workout schedule like A LOT of times, well I'm gonna change it again =p. To be more exact, I wouldn't really call it changing it AGAIN, more like adding more to my workout.
If you've read my latest workout schedule, you might remember that I'll only be doing my workout using the ezTone on weekends. Well I've decided to do strengthening workouts during weekdays too, decided this on a whim cause lately I feel like I'm weaker than I used to be in the past.
Plus I just did my workout on the ezTone today, which is obviously not a weekend but I still did it. Mainly because for the past 2-3 weeks, I haven't been dedicating myself to my workout because of last minute plans that my family made that I was unaware of. I should have done my workouts right after I woke up, this way it definitely wouldn't have clashed that's why I've been regretting it. So yah, to make it up to my weakening body I did my ezTone workout today despite it being like gonna be 12am =p. Felt good to perspire this much in a long time though, perspiring from the hot weather doesn't count to me.
Anyways, I just realised I haven't revealed what my weekday workout will be. Well I just downloaded a few exercise and keeping track of my healthiness apps in to my phone. One is the pedometer, my goal each day would be to at least walk 10,000 steps but I only walked like 3,257 steps today which is obviously VERY far from my goal. But nevertheless, I will not give up!!!! I will definitely reach my daily goal everyday soon. Oh yah, the app I'm using for that is called "Walk Mate". Another app is "Push Ups", it helps you to keep count of how many push ups you've done in total for that day. Also it keeps track of your progress too, so you can check if you've improved or deproved. This other app called "Daily Workouts Free", it includes workouts for your arms, legs, abs, butt and cardio all in one app!! =D There's a demo video together with the explanation of the workout so you wouldn't feel lost if you still don't understand after they've explained it (like me). Another app that I just currently started using, like just today, is called "Water Your Body". It helps me keep track if I've been drinking enough water according to my body's weight, it also keeps track of your progress. The last app that I've downloaded is "Body Mass Index", as the name suggests it calculates your BMI for you. But not only that! It also calculates your Waist-to-Heights ratio, body fat percentage AND your energy expenditure!! =D How cool is that?! Make things so much more easier for me.
So yah, that's basically it. I'll definitely update you guys if I've managed to successfully lose weight! ;D Everything in this blog about the apps is purely based on my personal opinion, furthermore I've just started using these apps so maybe it isn't that good but at least it's better than nothing. Finally my phone will actually be of use to me to help me improve my overall physical fitness instead of just keeping in contact with my friends and family, or just playing games to pass the time.
Well that's all I've gotta say so yah, till my next post then! =D

Friday, May 30, 2014

Updates about me~

Since it's been such a long time since I last checked my blog and I'm lazy to scan through all my previous posts, I don't know whether I've stated this before but anyways I'm now a year 1 at NanYang Poly currently studying Visual Communication. But don't be fooled by it's name, it's a design course. Honestly I didn't even know it's a design course till I attended the orientation. XD
So yah, just a short summary week 1 my School of Design went through a programme called "design primer". Basically it's supposed to teach us what design is and if we don't like it or it isn't what we want we'll still have time to opt for another course instead. Obviously I stayed on since I thought I might as well try out something new (plus coincidentally it coincides with my only forte, which is Art =p). Moving on, week 2 onwards then I started actually learning the content wise. Also I've already started to receive assignments and projects from my lecturers since that week onwards. Hence I don't really have that much spare time, so whenever I can tala a break I do. =D Maybe from time to time I'll posts pictures of my work in Instagram or Facebook, who knows. =p
Some assignments I received were just researching on certain people who made their name big in the design industry, others are like drawing objects such as a box, banana, garlic, container and soft toy (these are the few items I have drawn so far), taking specific types of photos and drawing a colour wheel (no idea what's the point behind it if we can just buy one but oh well). Whereas for the projects we're given individual, pair and group projects. Some individual projects are creating a 2.5D model and a video on a certain theme (Mine is J.K Rowling's letter to Sacia Flowers, it was damn hard to research on her since all the attention went to J.K Rowling =-=).  Pair project if I remember correctly I think I only have one (I don't have my notebook which I use to keep track of my assignments and projects with me currently, so I'm just basing everything on my memory alone), I have to give a presentation on a topic of our choice from a given list. In this case I'm working on "Body Talks", which can also be interpreted as body language. Group project I only have 2, Material Technology and Communication Skills. Material Tech is we have to create a product from 100% natural materials, it doesn't have to be a complex one can be just a simple one like accessory holder or even just a fan. Communication Skills is we have to make our own new report with a few specific topics as the content, it's really fun though it can be hard since we aren't allowed to get outside help when acting.
Moving on, the project I find the hardest is creating a 2.5D model. Since mine has a lot of little details it'll be hard to construct it and give it the depth my lecturers (technically I only have 1 lecturer for this module, but from time to time the other lecturer from the other class will come over since she is more experienced in this area) desires. But I believe it'll look AMAZING so I'll be giving my all in to it. =D Of course not only for this assignment lah, I actually find everything quite fun in their own way so I believe it'll help me improve.
Anyways, for my course we don't have any exam, our grades are dependent on continual assessment. I'm pretty sure you're thinking like "Oh no exam ah, confirm easy to pass lah!" well I'll tell you, IT'S NOT. In an exam you're tested on specific topics so if you study well you can pass easily. Whereas for continual assessment, we're not only graded based on the quality of our work but also class participation. So even if your work is very good but your class participation is not enough your grades will still get pulled down. Furthermore if you don't show any improvement in the quality of your work your grades will suffer, so it is a MUST to at least show that bit of improvement in your work. Yah sure you could start out really crappy on purpose, but I don't find how that'll help you improve then. I'd rather give it my all and see how I can improve from there, using the easy way out is like cheating yourself in thinking that you've improved when you actually haven't.
That's about it about my course, my class is alright I guess. Made new friends but haven't actually taken photos so yeah, couldn't find the time to since I don't really spend time outside of class with them. =p Oh, I don't think I've mentioned this before but I have very few friends. Mainly cause they find it hard to approach me in the first place cause of this feeling I give off. You see, I'm not the type that is able to empathise with you on a situation nor am I able to comfort someone when they're feeling down, so obviously majority of the people gets the belief that I'm not caring and stuff like that. To make it worse, I'm more of the realist, so if someone complains to me about something and I believe from a different stand point I'll state it out even though the person complaining just wants people to agree with their view or just let them rant it out on someone. So yeah, because of this few yet huge shortcomings of mine, I rarely make new friends unless I approach them first. I did in the beginning but now I'm more focussed on my studies then making friends, I can always do that when I'm placed in a new group for projects. =]
So yeah, that's all I've got for updates about me. Oh yah, I don't have a CCA currently, so I'm like in the go home club. =p And that's all I have for updates on me, I'm just going to end off with a belief of mine. The process of studying is definitely not gonna be easy but if I work hard enough and give it my all, I believe I'll improve and get the type of quality I expect from myself to be capable of. =] So in other words, just believe in yourself and keep working hard. See yah! =D

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Exercise~ =p

This time I've reduced my exercise schedule DRASTICALLY, if you've followed me on Instagram then you should see that in one of my latest picture it shows my family recently bought the ezTone. If you catch on fast enough I think you already expect what my schedule is. I'm still gonna state it anyways.
In the past I always include push-ups, sit-ups and other strength enhancing workouts right? Well this time I'm just aiming to achieve my desired figure. I don't think I've said this before but honestly my stomach isn't that fat, it's just bloated so it LOOKS fat but it's not. That's why I'm hoping that by the end of this my stomach won't be bloated anymore. Moving on, I'll be doing different type of positions like planking and push up position of the ezTone which targets certain areas that I need shedding off fats from. I'll be doing this every weekend (both Saturday and Sunday) instead of weekdays this time round.
My plan is that AFTER I have achieved my desired body figure then I'll work on strengthening my body, which means back to the push-ups and sit-ups~ =]
So yah, look forward till then and I'll definitely be looking forward to that the most~~ =D

Pets~ =D

First off, I have 2 dogs. One male and one female, their names are Benji and Princess (she really acts like one O-O) respectively.
Just a little bit of history of how my family got them. My Family adopted Princess while Benji was from one of my Father's friend who didn't want to keep dogs anymore since no one in the house takes care of them (yes, they had 2 dogs as well. Their other dog was really fierce, it chased after me and bit me before. Good thing the injury wasn't that serious. O-O)
Anyways just stating, I am more biased towards Benji because in my opinion he looks much cuter compared to Princess. Princess is cute like old woman look cute while Benji is more of middle-aged kind of cute. Hehe~ =p Anyways, if you'd like to see pictures of them I think I uploaded a few pictures of them in my Insta before? So you'll have to find the pictures yourself if you wanna see how they look like. =p
Moving on, it would be so cool if I had a pet Parrot. Imagine the scumbag words and tricks I could do with my Parrot. If I had one I'll only teach it one phrase, "Fuck you". Why? I'll give you a scenario. Someone comes over to my house and sees my Parrot, thinks "Oh, how rare for someone to own a Parrot. Maybe it even knows how to talk!" hence decides to try talking to the Parrot starting off with "Hello/ Hi/ Hi little birdy". Upon saying/ asking that, my Parrot who only knows that one phrase will reply with "Fuck you!". I would go through the trouble and spend the money to take care of a Parrot just to see that priceless expression on those unfortunate people's faces who were not expecting that reply. XD Oh, if I forgot to mention, I'm a sadist. But not the extreme kind, still a sadist though. So yah, that's why it'll be so cool and awesome if I could own a pet Parrot. XD
Well, that's just my thoughts and imagination. Who knows, maybe you feel the same way I do. Hahahaha~ =p Well, that's all for this post. I just wanted to share my interesting idea of what I could do with my Parrot if I do own one, heheh~ =D So yah, hope you guys spend your day loving yourself and not hating yourself since you're gonna be like, with yourself, 24/7. So yah, till my next post! =D

Monday, April 14, 2014

Hair removal cream

The last time I tried the hair removal cream, I realised that I accidentally bought the one meant for in shower instead. But nonetheless I tried it. It was not successful AT ALL. Maybe my hair is just too stubborn or I did it wrong somewhere, now that I think about it I should have took a picture of it so that I can show you guys what it looks like. Well this time I made sure I bought the normal type and tried it just a few days ago, it was SUPER effective. My leg hair just came off painlessly and effortlessly, though it does take quite a while to complete the whole leg. But it was worth it~ =D I would love to post a picture of the product here but apparently my phone is being a bitch to me and no matter what I try I can't seem to post it up here, hence I'll just post it in my Facebook page~ Surprisingly it comes in handy at time like this huh? O-O
Oh well, moving on it also smells A LOT better than the previous one. The fragrance of the previous one just doesn't match, the smell of the chemical one and the rose smell really doesn't match at all. At least the smell of the current one isn't as bad, still acceptable for me. As I've stated before, it is seriously and extremely effective, though if you don't follow the instructions properly you might get chemical burn. I got that one on my pinky last time when I didn't wash it off fast enough when using the in shower one. Good thing it wasn't so serious so it wasn't painful and it didn't take long to recover. Hence if you're afraid of getting chemical burn, I suggest you not to use it. For those who are willing to take the risk like me, go ahead and try. I guarantee it's effectiveness, though it is similar to shaving actually. But I guess in a way it's safer than shaving if you strictly follow the instructions.
Well that's all I have to share for my experience of using the hair removal cream, whether you choose to use it or not is up to you. Well if you do, do have patience when using it. You'll definitely need it, if you don't find something pass the time when applying it. =] Well, have fun~~~ =D

Sunday, April 6, 2014


When I was young I was always excited when my birthday was approaching close and super elated when celebrating my birthday. I would have as much fun as I could before the day ended. Playing catching, hopscotch, skipping and board games too.
However as the years went by, slowly I lost the excitement I once felt whenever my birthday was approaching soon. The happiness of finally turning 1 year older. Then it was all lost when my first ex-boyfriend asked me this, "what's the point in celebrating birthdays? It just means that we're one year closer to our death." I was stunned by his question, I had no idea how to answer him because I realised that what he said is true. Ever since then whenever my birthday approaches I never felt that excitement I had when I was a kid anymore. Because I would have the mentality that birthdays only meant that we're one year closer to our death, there's no point in celebrating that.
Years went by with me living with that mentality, if my friends wished me happy birthday I would just smile and give them my thanks even though I didn't feel the least excited that it is my birthday.
But everything changed when I read this manga titled "Hana to Akuma" a few weeks ago. In one of the chapters the main character who is just a little girl at that time gave me a new perspective to look at my birthdays. Instead of always looking at birthdays as a signal of us being one year closer to my death, she mentioned that we do not celebrate our birthdays because of that. We celebrate for the times we have been through with our friends and family together, be it good or bad. Also that we have lived for another one year.
Upon realising this new perspective of looking at birthdays, I felt so stupid for not being able to realise this on my own for the past few years. But thanks to this I was able to feel the excitement as my birthday approaches this year. Somehow I felt as if a burden had been lifted in my heart when I was able to see a that new perspective, as if I had been waiting for someone to give me an answer to that question my first ex-boyfriend raised so many years ago.
Anyways thanks to this, I feel so relieved now. I feel that I'm able to have the fun I once had for my upcoming birthday and my birthdays in the many years I have ahead of me. And for the first time in a long time, I'm looking forward to my birthday.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

New jobs

Yes, it states 'jobs' not 'job'. That's because I have more than one job currently, all working as a freelancer and part-timer. Currently I have 3 jobs, I'm working as a server at a restaurant, server for banquets and an IT sales promoter. Apparently the only one I'm working consistently for is the restaurant, because my other 2 jobs hasn't given me any job offers. Well for the banquet one there was, but it clashed with the restaurant one so I couldn't go for it.
Anyways my pay for the restaurant one is $7/hr on weekdays and $7.50/hr on weekends. As for the other 2 jobs it depends on the event itself. Because I'm working for 3 companies at a time, it looks like I'm in desperate need of money. But that's not the case, I just enjoy working and wanna experience something new so I just take up the jobs. But of course I also like the feeling of my money in my bank account increasing~~ =D
Well, to be more specific, the name of the restaurant is The Landmark. The three companies I'm working under is Tek Media, The Eleventh Services pte ltd and Jobs Exchange pte ltd. Well, if I work directly under the restaurant I could earn more money. But like I've said I don't really care about the money, plus the pay I'm receiving now is also good enough for me already. Also I'm just lazy to change, it's easier to work under the company name. Otherwise it would be considered 4 jobs already.