Monday, April 14, 2014

Hair removal cream

The last time I tried the hair removal cream, I realised that I accidentally bought the one meant for in shower instead. But nonetheless I tried it. It was not successful AT ALL. Maybe my hair is just too stubborn or I did it wrong somewhere, now that I think about it I should have took a picture of it so that I can show you guys what it looks like. Well this time I made sure I bought the normal type and tried it just a few days ago, it was SUPER effective. My leg hair just came off painlessly and effortlessly, though it does take quite a while to complete the whole leg. But it was worth it~ =D I would love to post a picture of the product here but apparently my phone is being a bitch to me and no matter what I try I can't seem to post it up here, hence I'll just post it in my Facebook page~ Surprisingly it comes in handy at time like this huh? O-O
Oh well, moving on it also smells A LOT better than the previous one. The fragrance of the previous one just doesn't match, the smell of the chemical one and the rose smell really doesn't match at all. At least the smell of the current one isn't as bad, still acceptable for me. As I've stated before, it is seriously and extremely effective, though if you don't follow the instructions properly you might get chemical burn. I got that one on my pinky last time when I didn't wash it off fast enough when using the in shower one. Good thing it wasn't so serious so it wasn't painful and it didn't take long to recover. Hence if you're afraid of getting chemical burn, I suggest you not to use it. For those who are willing to take the risk like me, go ahead and try. I guarantee it's effectiveness, though it is similar to shaving actually. But I guess in a way it's safer than shaving if you strictly follow the instructions.
Well that's all I have to share for my experience of using the hair removal cream, whether you choose to use it or not is up to you. Well if you do, do have patience when using it. You'll definitely need it, if you don't find something pass the time when applying it. =] Well, have fun~~~ =D

Sunday, April 6, 2014


When I was young I was always excited when my birthday was approaching close and super elated when celebrating my birthday. I would have as much fun as I could before the day ended. Playing catching, hopscotch, skipping and board games too.
However as the years went by, slowly I lost the excitement I once felt whenever my birthday was approaching soon. The happiness of finally turning 1 year older. Then it was all lost when my first ex-boyfriend asked me this, "what's the point in celebrating birthdays? It just means that we're one year closer to our death." I was stunned by his question, I had no idea how to answer him because I realised that what he said is true. Ever since then whenever my birthday approaches I never felt that excitement I had when I was a kid anymore. Because I would have the mentality that birthdays only meant that we're one year closer to our death, there's no point in celebrating that.
Years went by with me living with that mentality, if my friends wished me happy birthday I would just smile and give them my thanks even though I didn't feel the least excited that it is my birthday.
But everything changed when I read this manga titled "Hana to Akuma" a few weeks ago. In one of the chapters the main character who is just a little girl at that time gave me a new perspective to look at my birthdays. Instead of always looking at birthdays as a signal of us being one year closer to my death, she mentioned that we do not celebrate our birthdays because of that. We celebrate for the times we have been through with our friends and family together, be it good or bad. Also that we have lived for another one year.
Upon realising this new perspective of looking at birthdays, I felt so stupid for not being able to realise this on my own for the past few years. But thanks to this I was able to feel the excitement as my birthday approaches this year. Somehow I felt as if a burden had been lifted in my heart when I was able to see a that new perspective, as if I had been waiting for someone to give me an answer to that question my first ex-boyfriend raised so many years ago.
Anyways thanks to this, I feel so relieved now. I feel that I'm able to have the fun I once had for my upcoming birthday and my birthdays in the many years I have ahead of me. And for the first time in a long time, I'm looking forward to my birthday.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

New jobs

Yes, it states 'jobs' not 'job'. That's because I have more than one job currently, all working as a freelancer and part-timer. Currently I have 3 jobs, I'm working as a server at a restaurant, server for banquets and an IT sales promoter. Apparently the only one I'm working consistently for is the restaurant, because my other 2 jobs hasn't given me any job offers. Well for the banquet one there was, but it clashed with the restaurant one so I couldn't go for it.
Anyways my pay for the restaurant one is $7/hr on weekdays and $7.50/hr on weekends. As for the other 2 jobs it depends on the event itself. Because I'm working for 3 companies at a time, it looks like I'm in desperate need of money. But that's not the case, I just enjoy working and wanna experience something new so I just take up the jobs. But of course I also like the feeling of my money in my bank account increasing~~ =D
Well, to be more specific, the name of the restaurant is The Landmark. The three companies I'm working under is Tek Media, The Eleventh Services pte ltd and Jobs Exchange pte ltd. Well, if I work directly under the restaurant I could earn more money. But like I've said I don't really care about the money, plus the pay I'm receiving now is also good enough for me already. Also I'm just lazy to change, it's easier to work under the company name. Otherwise it would be considered 4 jobs already.


I'm gonna admit that for the past few weeks, I've not been exercising anymore. I know I shouldn't stop half-way but during that time I was just started my new job, and it was extremely tiring on the first day. Then after that I started to exercise less and less till I wasn't exercising anymore. Good thing is that I seldom eat snacks and my job kind of is like a workout to me so I didn't really gain much weight, I gained like only half a kg. But still I feel guilty for not exercising and treating my body this way, hence I have decided that I'll start my exercise routine again today!! But I still won't be jogging, I'm switching that out with skipping rope. =D
Another exercise that I should have been doing is my eye exercise. If you've read one of my previous post, you should remember that my eye concentration is very weak. Hence I can not take direct bright sunlight in to my eyes, otherwise I'll get giddy and a head ache. Therefore I have also decided to stop procrastinating my exercises and start it all today!! I want to be able to play under the sun without any cap like my friends do, so I will start doing my exercise regularly starting today. =]

Eating problems =/

Well, it's not really a problem but more of a habit. At times my appetite would be big but sometimes small, and for that explanation I only found out not long ago after noticing my eating pattern.
Example on day 1, for dinner I eat really little, like just full enough for me to get through the night before sleeping. Sometimes I even don't mind starving myself a little bit cause I didn't like the food..hehehe.. =p Don't follow my example, eating wise I'm a bad role model. Anyways, because of that on day 2 in the morning I would feel extremely hungry because I starved myself the previous night. Hence I end up eating a lot for the whole of day 2, but at times I manage to control my diet. ^-^ Then this leads to the next day of me not feeling like eating much because the previous day I ate a lot, hence the pattern repeats. Although at times I manage to break out of the cycle by eating moderately throughout the day.=]
Yup, so as you can deduce it's not really a eating problem that I have but more of a bad habit. A really bad one. So I'm gonna try my best to eat moderately MOST of the days from now on, since knowing myself I'm definitely gonna stuff myself with delicious food every now and then. =p

Friday, February 28, 2014

Nightmares..and 1 dream

Lately for some reason I've been getting nightmares.. When I asked my friend, he said it's possibly because I'm stressed subconsciously and that I just need to find out what's stressing me out.
The kind of nightmares I have are really weird, but it always involves something or someone chasing me with the intention to kill me,or I'm crying at the end of it.. And it's been like this for the past few consecutive days, I mean it's definitely not normal if you have nightmares for about 3-4 days in a row right???
The nightmares creeped me out so bad that I don't wanna sleep anymore.. I'm scared that if I sleep I might have a nightmare again.. It's like before I fall asleep, I get this strange sensation that something in the dark is watching me.. Maybe it's just me since I'm afraid of what's in the dark, but still the feeling of something watching you from the dark is creepy. Which makes it even creepier if my room light is off, then my room will be in the dark.
My nightmares include me falling to my death, being chased by dogs, unknown lifeform and humans/zombies, unknown virus led to apocalypse, boyfriend(?) cheating on me with his ex-girlfriend, got in to an accident, life was purely supported by machine, able to fly (O-O), was kissed by an unknown guy. And then there was this once, breaking my combo of nightmares I had a dream for that one night. I was hugged and kissed affectionately by an unknown guy, I told him that I didn't dare and want to sleep because I was afraid of getting nightmares again. So he offered to keep me company till I fall asleep, hence he hugged me from behind and waited till I fell asleep.
My dream and nightmares are weird aren't they??? O-O


I've officially quit my job quite a while ago already, lately after that I've finally got the time to do the things I wanna do. Hang out with my besties, go out shopping, complete my personal chores and rearrange certain items. I've also got the time to work out and earn back my strength and muscles, but I've decided not to jog anymore. I realised that I'm more of the sprinting type than the jogging type, so I'll most probably be doing more of sprinting instead.
I've also just received my Poly package just yesterday, I feel so awesome right now~~ My gut said that it'll arrive on Thursday and it did~ I've already accepted the course, now all that's left is confirm my enrollment and get my tertiary card. Can't wait to complete everything as soon as possible, I feel like I've just up-ed another level in my life. Oh, since I'm in a designing course I'll need to buy a MacBook cause apparently MacBooks are best for designing courses. I don't really mind just that the MacBook can't download games like Garena and Maple Story to play!!! QAQ I'll just have to find other games to play then.. But I still can't wait to get my own laptop.
I'm also considering about uploading videos of myself performing song covers on the piano (if you do remember, I play the piano and stopped at Grade 3 or 4. Can't remember.) on my Facebook page, up till now I haven't really uploaded anything up on my Facebook page. =p I'm considering if I should join the piano ensemble as my CCA in Poly.. I'll just think about it again when the time comes.
I've also put fake tattoos for the fun of it, since I still have a lot from the last time I bought it till now. I like it a lot cause it kind of shows my personality, I don't really care what others will think about me putting on fake tattoos. As long as I like it can already. =D